Director’s Institute

What is the Directors Institute?

The purpose of the Directors Institute is:

  • To strengthen local leadership and management resources and abilities to support implementation
  • To develop, then test, refine and apply implementation and evaluation tools and resources
  • To stimulate and organize shared learning that guides improvement in implementation
  • To strengthen state and regional capacities for ongoing implementation support with counties

The California Child Welfare Core Practice Model offered a timely opportunity to launch a Directors Institute series that develops a cohort of strong effective leaders by building their capacities for leading implementation.

Click here for the PDF of the Directors Overview document.

The Leading Edge

This periodic newsletter provides you with information on topics that help Directors prepare for implementation activities in the coming year, as well as support your staff who are working to create implementation tools and resources. Each issue contains information about the progress of the Development Circles, key concepts that will help guide planning for implementation, and examples of the great work that counties are already doing to support Practice Model implementation. In addition, we will keep you apprised of upcoming events, such as webinars, Convenings, and Directors Learning Sessions.

Shared Learning Events

The Directors Institute has sponsored a variety of shared learning events as a way to set direction, develop tools and build capacity for CPM Implementation planning. Here you’ll find information useful to support counties’ CPM implementation planning efforts. Learning Sessions, Webinars and Development Circle Convenings are listed here.

For more information on the Directors Institute, including Learning Sessions, contact Stuart Oppenheim at

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